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Doit Co., Ltd. :  The company is a key part in driving quality products into the market, the automotive industry, and is able to withstand the competition in the world market. The Company’s quality control process from raw materials, production processes, quality control, until a rigorous, high quality products to the automotive parts and assembly plants.


To manufacture silk-screened printing product at the competitive pricing, as well as guaranteeing the delivery time, amount of the goods to the customer. Furthermore, Board of Directors and employees are working closely together to achieve the International Standard, ISO9001.

  • DOIT Company Limited. aims to sell the production base. Both domestic and international in the region, countries, ASEAN Economic Community with potential in the automotive industry
  • DOIT Company Limited. will study business opportunities, taking into account the expansion of the market. Production base together with partners in the AEC countries
  • DOIT Company Limited.  aims to develop techniques and production processes for products Many grandchildren to support the needs of customers and marketing in the future.
  • DOIT Company Limited. aims to expand the customer base to other markets. Non-motor vehicles such as electrical appliances, packaging, etc.